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Feed Pellet Extruder Machine

Feed Pellet Extruder Machine

Feed Pellet Extruder Machine can make feeds for dog, cat, fish, sharmp.

  • Overview

  Feed Pellet Extruder Machine can make feeds for dog, cat, fish, sharmp.


  1) Biaxial machine differential conditioning: effects of aging particularly good tone quality, increase water vapor in the process of completely soaked and set the raw materials powder uniform ripening, the same time added to fish oil, lecithin ,fish soluble ,etc.

  2) Strong high-energy diet feeding of formula to add materials to address the process on the past, can not overcome the added high-fat, high-viscous. add the maxmum of fat up to 20% or more.

  3) Template seat and the hang on-mount rotary cutter-Mining Block and the cutter template combinations can quickly replace them die cutter adjustment easier. reduce the production of products with different specifications for modeling time, and save an area of operation and maintenance of celan room manufacturing operations more convenient. cutter speed by the frequency converter stepless adjustment for easy control of particle length.

  Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Parameter:

Model Capacity(kg/h)

Main motor power


Feeding power


Conditioner power


Screw diameter


Cutter power


DSP60-B 180-200 15 0.4 0.75 Φ60 0.4
DSP70-B 250-300 18.5 0.6 0.75 Φ70 0.6
DSP80-B 350-400 22 1.1 0.8 Φ80 0.6
DSP90-B 500-600 37 1.1 2.2 Φ90 1.1
DSP120-B 700-800 55 1.1 2.2-3.0 Φ120 1.5
DSP135-B 1000-1200 74 1.5 3.0-4.0 Φ135 2.2
DSP160-B 1800-2000 90 2.2 4.0-5.5 Φ155 2.2-3.0
DSP200-B 3000-4000 132 2.2 5.5 Φ195 2.2


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